Common problems and protection tips to save Shore Power Cords

When the boating season winds off, boat owners leave their boats on the shore and this is the time when the boats and shore power cords suffer a lot of damage. There are times when the boat owners return on the onset of boating season to find their boats and shore power cords damaged and defective. This is because these cords are subjected to wear and tear from the weather. It might be surprising to know but one in every 5 boats face this problem every year. Not just water, there is heat damage also that these cords are subjected to. Power cords can be saved from this damage if you take the following steps:




  • Ensure that all the parts of the connectors are functioning well and present. There should always be a means to protect the cords from the outside weather – one of the ways to secure these cords is by using Linebagz tubing. Some of the big companies like National Marine Suppliers have been using these for years and you too can.
  • Strain relief is very important. This should be present wherever necessary – this is because if the cord dangles, strain relief will be able to do away with the strain that occurs between the inlet and cord, thus saving your shore power cords from potential damage.
  • Making and breaking dead connections can do the deal. Before connecting or disconnecting shore power cords from the vessel, ensure that the circuit breaker present at the dock has been turned off.
  • It should be turned back on when you have connected the shore power cord to the boat. Arcing damage can be easily protected through this.

Even if you take all precautions, there are times when weather plays havoc and shore power cords get damaged. This is when Linebagz tubing comes to your rescue. It helps protect the cords and when you return to your boat after weeks or even months, you find the cords in a perfect condition as you left them. Isn’t this a great thing to invest in? Think about all the benefits this tubing can offer and make a wise decision of investing in it.


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