Boat Hull Protector – An investment that’s worth it

Scratches on your new boat – paint coming off your beloved boat and gelcoat being ruined – these are some of the situations that we wish you never get to witness. Like cars need to be protected of rust and scratches, a boat needs equal care to protect its hull from the damage that water and even ground can do to it. While the salty water destroys the boat hull slowly and gradually, transporting your boat without protecting its hull can put some serious marks on it that you won’t enjoy witnessing whenever you take your boat out. Boat Hull Protector is one of the most important accessories that your boat needs, for its protection.


What is a Boat Hull Protector?

Boat Hull Protectors stick to the hull of your boat to protect it from potential damage, marks, scratches and damage from water. They are available in different sizes depending on what the size of your boat is. Some protectors will come with special directions and will need to be installed only by professionals. Taking professional help for covering your boat’s hull is by far the best thing to do if you’re looking for accuracy and a good life for the boat.

How to install a boat hull protector?

Installing a boat hull protector can be a tough task to accomplish and we recommend that you seek professional help. However, if you’re keen to try it out yourself, here are some steps:

  1. Mark the area and mask it to differentiate area to be covered
  2. Surface etching for better sticking
  3. Cleaning to remove any dust particles
  4. Priming it appropriately using overlapping strokes
  5. Put on the Boat Hull Protector on the desired area
  6. Attach sides after attaching the center
  7. Tapping the hull protector to bond it

Difficult as this may sound – it’s always better when you know that your boat is in safe hands.

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