How do you create your own Custom Made Flag?

There are numerous websites offers ready-made templates to choose from. But, we follow personal approach for years, to create your dream flag.

You may take an idea from thousands of flags available at our website; those are different flag sizes, shapes and fabrics. Once you ready with design ideas, leave it to our exceptionally talented graphic designers. You will get exactly the custom made flag you need.






Why our assistance important? 

If you are a professional designer, though you will not be able to determine which fabric will be best suitable for your flag. Our experienced sales staff will help you to choose right flag size and fabric quality. If you wish to use flag for home decoration you should choose Indoor materials such as economy polyester or silk polyester, these are perfect for indoor display. Outdoor - you should choose specially formulated to withstand the wear and tear associated with outdoor use. Also, knitted polyester is good for high wind applications and environments. 

AGAS offer a variety of sizes and materials for your custom digitally printed flags and banners. Smaller flags such as 12? x18? Up to 2’x3' flags are great for your house, boat or golf cart. Larger 3’x5' or 5’x8' flags are the perfect size for outdoor flag poles. There is no limit or restrictions to flag sizes. We can make you any size you need. For pricing on non-standard sized flags please speak with one of our experienced sales representatives. Yes, digitally printed flags have no minimum so you can print 1 flag for your house, 10 flags for you baseball team or 100 flags for a fundraiser. Digital printing also reprints very complicated and colorful graphics clearly and brightly. With no extra run charges for colors, you can print any design you like on your flag or banner.


We are your one stop destination for any flag, whether it is Pride Flag, Custom Flag, Custom Banner, Flag Accessories, and for any event.


To know more about popular custom flags, visit our website custom made flags

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