Common problems and protection tips to save Shore Power Cords

When the boating season winds off, boat owners leave their boats on the shore and this is the time when the boats and shore power cords suffer a lot of damage. There are times when the boat owners return on the onset of boating season to find their boats and shore power cords damaged and defective. This is because these cords are subjected to wear and tear from the weather. It might be surprising to know but one in every 5 boats face this problem every year. Not just water, there is heat damage also that these cords are subjected to. Power cords can be saved from this damage if you take the following steps:




  • Ensure that all the parts of the connectors are functioning well and present. There should always be a means to protect the cords from the outside weather – one of the ways to secure these cords is by using Linebagz tubing. Some of the big companies like National Marine Suppliers have been using these for years and you too can.
  • Strain relief is very important. This should be present wherever necessary – this is because if the cord dangles, strain relief will be able to do away with the strain that occurs between the inlet and cord, thus saving your shore power cords from potential damage.
  • Making and breaking dead connections can do the deal. Before connecting or disconnecting shore power cords from the vessel, ensure that the circuit breaker present at the dock has been turned off.
  • It should be turned back on when you have connected the shore power cord to the boat. Arcing damage can be easily protected through this.

Even if you take all precautions, there are times when weather plays havoc and shore power cords get damaged. This is when Linebagz tubing comes to your rescue. It helps protect the cords and when you return to your boat after weeks or even months, you find the cords in a perfect condition as you left them. Isn’t this a great thing to invest in? Think about all the benefits this tubing can offer and make a wise decision of investing in it.


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Marine advertising using Linebagz tubing

Boat shows are a wonderful way to advertise your brand. If you’re a boat company or a marine services company and you haven’t thought of advertising through boat shows, you’re probably not advertising your brand right. If you were not already aware, one of the most awaited boat shows of the year is just around the corner. Yes, you read it right – FLIBS or the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show is being organized on Nov 1- Nov 5 2017 and there’s still chance for you to be a part of it and advertise your brand. Fort Lauderdale is well known as the Yachting Capital of the World and what better than being a part of one of the biggest boating shows.


If you’ve been wondering how to take the best advantage of the boat shows, consider using Linebagz tubing on your boats. The tubing can be used to display some of the most important information about your business – name, logo, phone number, address and email id. This will help your customers reach you in the quickest way possible. Though there exist a variety of other ways to advertise a brand, Linebagz tubing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching out to your customers.


While Linebagz tubing can be used as a mode of advertising, it also helps protect your boat from the potential damage from water and sun. The logo of your company gets displayed using these tubing and is seen by potential customers when the boat is on water, being carried to a location or even when placed on the ground. Not just boats, Linebagz tubing also protects shore cords, water supply hose and fender. No other thing provides your boats and accessories, better protection and you can be assured of that.

Some of the biggest marine suppliers have been using tubing to advertise their company and important information about it – it’s time you also realize its importance and include it in your advertising plan. While you benefit from the logo and website information printed on the tubing, your boat and other accessories are saved from the harsh water and sun rays. You can choose from a variety of colors and graphics to be displayed on your boat and simply place your order for the best tubing to be delivered right at your doorstep.

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Top 3 Tips To Make Boat Shipping Easier And Cheaper!

Are you preparing to transport your boat overseas? Well, boat shipping is no easy job and more importantly is an expensive affair. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful about handling your boat; else there might be damage to the boat. Here are few tips and suggestions which might help you in taking the necessary precautions, saving you a fortune and distress.



Plan Your Shipping Well In Advance


Planning is the key when it comes to boat shipping. If you’re transporting to another country, then you need to find out the custom regulations and documentation required in that country. If you hire a boat shipping agent, then you need to talk to them regarding the completion of custom clearance, port fees and taxes so as to avoid unnecessary delays.


Prepare Your Boat

This is the most important aspect of boat transport. You need to remove propellers, lights, antennas, electronics, anchor and precious items. You can either ship them separately or secure them safely in the cabin with all access locked. Moreover, you need to remove all fuel, disconnect batteries, empty all water out of boat and remove any cargo.


Measure Boat Carefully

Before transporting, it is important to measure your boat correctly. The length, width and height will decide the cost and also give an idea of how the transport trailer should be for the boat to fit in.


With these practical advices, boat hauling services will become more convenient and cost effective.

Marine advertising agency – The miracle you were looking for

Marine advertising has been taking a new shape every passing day and with the increased availability of marine advertising agencies, the task has become easier than ever. If you have never thought of advertising on boats, you’re probably not taking the right steps in the direction of your success. Advertising on Linebagz tubing is by far the most convenient and the most cost-effective method of advertising your brand’s name and other important details. You have to try it to believe it and reap the benefits that it brings along.



A reputed marine advertising agency will bring you robust plans that can help take your brand to the next level. Imagine your advert doing the rounds when the boats are sailing and even when they are being transported from one place to the other. No matter what other form of advertising you were using, there is nothing better than advertising your company’s name and logo on the boats using Linebagz tubing. Sturdy and long-lasting, the tubing can print bright colors and graphics and is the best option to put details like phone number and email address for your potential customers to contact you.


Conventional ways of advertising may have worked for our ancestors, given there were a few brands and there was absence of competition. These days, brands are fighting to find a place in the market and also in the minds of the consumers. Would you not want your potential customers to see your advertisement and dial up to connect with you? Choose advertising on boats with a marine advertising agency that can give you the best of creative ideas and can help take your brand’s presence to the next level. Choose Linebagz over any other tubing if you wish the advertisement to stay for years to come. Linebagz tubing can wear all weather conditions and still stay intact for years to come. Marine advertising can do wonders for your business if you are a marine bottom painting vendor, a boat manufacturer or air conditioning technicians. There is not a better place for you to advertise your brand and you have to test it out to believe it yourself.


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Boat Advertising and Money Making – Tips to succeed in both

Boat shows are a great avenue for you to sell boats and also build a stronger brand presence. They also offer you a platform for boat advertising. If you’re keen to make money in boat shows and also make the most of boat advertisements, here are some tips that you can put to use:



Prepare a plan to generate leads

At a boat show, it is important for you to come prepared and do your homework well. Most of the boat sellers will come with no preparation and untrained staff but you can benefit if you start preparing early. In order to make good profit, you have to start thinking afresh and stop wasting money on means that will not get you anything. Know your goals before the boat show begins and plan ahead to succeed. You can also build on plans for boat advertising that your customers might be interested in.


Set targets to be achieved

You have to be realistic and set targets that are easily achievable. It’s good to think big but planning the number of leads you might get, in advance, will also help. You will need to know the cost per lead as well. This will help you plan your strategy as you have a cost in mind and will know what you’re selling and for how much. Having prepared boat advertising plans and targets ahead of time will help you explain the plans to them effectively.


Stand out from the crowd

A boat show will have numerous sellers but you have to stand out by offering what others don’t – be it boat purchasing or boat advertising plans. This will require a lot of hard work as you cannot risk being just another standard boat and boat advertising provider. You have to persuade people to remember you by giving them what they’re looking for and something beyond that too. Even if they do not make a purchase there and then, they should go back home with something to remember, and you better offer that to them. Your plans should be unique and be accompanied by campaigns as they help customers retain your message and come back to you to make a purchase.


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